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What is ChilloutVR?

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The base concept of ChilloutVR

ChilloutVR is a sandbox game playable in VR & Desktop. Made originally to provide a secure and expandable environment for content creators and players we now aim to provide AAA grade social experiences for players around the world. ChilloutVR is made with the latest version of the Unity game engine and is updated, extended, fixed and taken care of frequently.

With our cutting edge technologies we can provide simple but modern game user interfaces and actions for every single player while still being able to keep a thought on performance. We can also assure your content is yours and will always be managable by you.

Play and create what you want - share and enjoy it with others - explore and enjoy endless worlds and follow a never ending story. This is ChilloutVR.

Our concept for social interactions

Every social interaction can be done on our discord, the community hub known as gate and in the game itself. We seperate two groups of social interactions - the community / group interactions and the friendship interactions. Players are able to add friends, request invites from them and join them depending on the lobby mode. Players with a specific level or rank are also able to found groups / communities which can be public (everyone can join) or private (invite only). Using this model everyone has the ability to meet new people and organize events and tournaments.

Our concept for content creation

We want to enable people to be a creative head - as many as possible. We provide a feature-rich unity based content creation kit which every player can download from the community hub. Using this kit you can create game modes, worlds and avatars and upload them directly to our cloud. Attention: public uploads will need further approval by a staff member for the lower creator ranks. This is part of our safety concept. You will be able to create what you want to create - animations, interactive worlds, stunning game modes. All you can think of!

Our concept for community management

Moderators and developers as well as community group leaders get access to tools to be able to easily manage the ever growing player base and keep ChilloutVR the place to be. Player kicks / bans and warns can be appealed and a tribunal decision will be called. This means that two different moderators will look into the case to ensure the rules were correctly followed.

Our concept for account management

Everyone should feel safe and free within the own account. This is why we provide the key based login system which seperates the ingame and unity kit authentication to different login keys. We also provide collected data packages to users on request.

Our concept for performance

ChilloutVR and its backend api are created with focus on performance and will be further optimized with every update. We always want to ensure that we can deliver the best performance even for low-end systems.

Our concept for safety

With great power comes great responsiblity. Our fully authorative backend network for hosting cloud game instances is built on a redundant cluster of servers to ensure a good rate of uptime. We also secure all of our server sided codes and content filter mechanisms to make harmful content nearly impossible.


ChilloutVR is meant to be the social VR & Desktop sandbox of the future - this is our goal - and we will achieve it with all of you! You are all awesome!